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Month: June 2012

Boston Indies Amsterdam Edition

When I was at PAX East in Boston for Vlambeer earlier this year, I met Eitan Glinert of Firehose Games and Kelly Wallick. Kelly is the organisatorial mastermind behind logistical nightmares involving lots of indies. If you recall ever hearing Eitans’ name, he made a few nice things, is the only adult male I know who uses the word ‘balderdash’ and then became notorious for the following video about GlitchHiker, which I worked on and presented at the Experimental Gameplay Sessions at GDC ’12.

OK, so maybe he didn’t get notorious for it, but either way, they decided to drop by Amsterdam for a few days, so I met up with Dutch game/installation designer Marc De Vreede and set out to have some drinks with them in the city center. Was great seeing them again & I’m really looking forward to meeting them again in Seattle for PAX Prime.

Babycastles Cyber Arcade Workshop

Rotterdam based Institute for avant-garde recreation WORM hosted the Babycastles Cyber Arcade Workshop. I never knew Frankenstein-ing plushed animals into arcade machines was this fun. They had an Super Off Road cabinet too, which had me pitting off against Ibb & Obb creator Richard Boeser – who turns out to be a serious opponent at spinning wheels rapidly. The whole night also included an amazing performance of Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt (epilepsy warning).

LUFTRAUSERS Questionnaire

At Vlambeer, we allowed fans to ask us questions about LUFTRAUSERS through Twitter & Facebook. The response was so overwhelming that we decided to call upon good friend Bram Ruiter to shoot a video, as we felt that could convey many of the questions for more competently than words ever could. We ended up recording 40 minutes of footage, which were then relentlessly cut down to about 6 minutes.

I’m quite happy with the result, considering the fact that we just printed all the questions and answered them without practice. I had lots of fun answering a lot of the questions & I’d think that Jan Willem would say the same thing.

The process was great as well. Bram had shot the whole interview with two cameras and through that additional footage, he came up with the zoomed black-and-white shots, which I presume to be in there to add some motion to the whole thing – but they also conveniently allow him to cut to different scenes in the video every now and then. We went through five different versions, the final one being a last-second fix in which we replaced the word ‘questionaire’ with the correct ‘questionnaire’.

It’s amazing how you can have spelling errors in a trailer with less than 30 words in there.


Last week me and my girlfriend flew to Stockholm to attends Markus ‘Notch’ Persson’s birthday party and to meet up with some fellow indie developers that might be attending. We were not disappointed, even though every Swede we spoke to ensured us that the constant downpour of rain wasn’t usual for that time of the year.