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Month: January 2013


Momonga for iOS is not only one of the most beautiful renditions of a pinball game, it’s also one of the most fun ones through mixing pinball with an adventure and unique combat.

An Indie Games Concert

For the past few weeks, I’ve been helping co-organize and program LUDWIG & DutchGameMusic: an Indie Games Concert.

It’s an exciting thing to have been involved in, with great music by indie game developers and from well & lesser known indie games arranged for the night & performed by the independent LUDWIG ensemble. Tickets are now on sale for €10 (although you’re free to pay more to help us out).

If you are in or nearby the Netherlands on March 2nd, you probably do want to be here.


I just finished my early access version of Antichamber. “No, what the fuck, why did you? Why did… why? Why…? Wait… why? What? Fuck. Oh. No wait. Why did, why? FUCK!” best describes my experiences. It is absolutely amazing.