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One of the nicer traditions of Twitter is #FF, or Follow Friday. I’m terrible at slimming lists down to a 140 characters, so instead I made a list of all my favorite sources for the different aspects of videogames. The rules were simple – people only (so no Vlambeer), people that retweet and aggregate news preferred, people that spam a lot excluded.

Obviously, this list is not final – it’ll evolve and change over time. It’s also most likely not a complete list. I did compile the whole thing into an actual Twitter list that you can follow, just for convenience.


  • @jwaaaap – Jan Willem Nijman is my fellow Vlambeer. Good music, too.
  • @PTibz – Phil Tibitoski is one of the minds behind Octodad & great insight / perspectives on modern indie development.
  • @ADAMATOMIC – Adam Saltsman, Canabalt, Hundreds, news, industry insights and musings on the state of the medium.
  • @KellyWallick – Kelly Wallick is the Indie MEGABOOTH Overlord.
  • @ZoeQuinnzel – Zoë Quinn of Depression Quest has great insights into the gaming scene, also pyrotechnic.
  • @zoewi – Zuraida Buter, organizer of many events and initiatives. Also Global Game Jam.
  • @brandonnn – Brandon Boyer, creator of Venus Patrol, IGF chairman and Fantastic Arcade organizer. Wonderful curated culture in all sorts, often related to games.
  • @terrycavanagh – Terry Cavanagh of VVVVVV and Hexagon, creator of, interesting insights and developer perspectives.
  • @AdriaandeJongh – Adriaan de Jongh, creator of Fingle. Interesting perspectives on social interaction, good postmortem writer.
  • @VideoDreaming – Robin Arnott – creator of Deep Sea. Interesting ramblings about random things.
  • @HelloCakebread – Davey Wreden, The Stanley Parable. Toughts, ramblings, satire and game development.
  • @smestorp – Michael Brough, Corrypt, Zaga-33 & GlitchTank, one of the best game designers around.
  • @bfod – Bennet Foddy, QWOP, CLOP, Super Pole Riders, interesting academic perspective.
  • @doougle – Douglas Wilson, Johann Sebastion Joust, interesting perspective on games, academic, good taste of music.
  • @helvetica – Zach Gage, Spelltower, Ridiculous Fishing, news, smart insights and intersting conceptual questions and musings
  • @aeiowu – Greg Wohlwend, Hundreds, Ridiculous Fishing, smart analysis of many situations, great artist.
  • @notch – Markus Persson – Minecraft – Industry perspectives and development.
  • @MikeBithell – Mike Bithell, Thomas Was Alone, interesting opinions and insights.
  • @shahidkamal – Shahid Kamal Ahmed – SCEE, interesting perspectives and thoughts about indie game development.
  • @Jonathan_Blow – Jonathan Blow, Braid, The Witness – industry perspectives and development.
  • @PHIL_FISH – Phil Fish, Fez – Diplomatic tweeting, industry perspectives.
  • @TimOfLegend – Tim Schafer – Industry perspectives.
  • @infinite_ammo – Alec Holowka – industry perspectives, news.
  • @checker – Chris Hecker, Spy Party, industry perspectives and development.
  • @zimmermaneric – Eric Zimmerman – Game design.
  • @flantz – Frank Lantz – Game design.
  • @nealen – Andy Nealen – Graphics, industry perspectives.
  • @grapefrukt – Martin Jonasson – Game development.
  • @kylepulver – Kyle Pulver – Offspring Fling, Snapshot – Game design and development.
  • @MaxTemkin – Max Temkin, Cards Against Humanity –
  • @pietepiet – Paul Veer, pixel art and animation.
  • @ibogost – Ian Bogost – Academic perspectives, game design.
  • @ludist – Tommy Rousse – Academic perspectives.
  • @andreaszecher – Andreas Zecher – promoterapp, Spirits – industry perspectives, tools and opinion.
  • @avantgame – Jane McGonigal – industry perspectives, applied games.
  • @JoostDevBlog – Joost van Dongen, industry perspectives and development, great blog.
  • @Demruth – Alexander Bruce, Antichamber – industry perspectives.
  • @krispiotrowski – Kris Piotrowski, Below, Sword & Sworcery, industry perspectives, art.
  • @MsMinotaur – Adriel Wallick – Perspectives and satellites.
  • @Capy_Nathan – Nathan Vella, Sword & Sworcery, industry perspectives, business.
  • @c_hedborg – Christoffer Hedborg – industry perspectives, good music.
  • @auntiepixelante – Anna Anthropy – industry perspectives and game culture.
  • @S0phieH– Sophie Houlden – industry perspectives and jam culture.
  • @retroremakes – Rob Fearon – industry perspectives and jam culture.
  • @dom2d – Dominique Ferland – industry perspectives, art and interesting games.
  • @jukiokallio – Jukio Kallio, KOZILEK – Game music.
  • @C418 – Daniel Rosenfeld – Game music.
  • @awintory – Austin Wintory – Game music.
  • @sosowski – “Sos Sosowski” – Game jam culture.
  • @McFunkypants – Christer Kaitila – Game jam culture.
  • @kertgartner – Kert Gartner – Game trailers and beautiful visual stuff.


  • @Chrisoshea – Chris O’Shea, interaction designer, design thoughts and musings.
  • @coffee_nat – Natalie Hanke, designer of VOID and beautiful typography.
  • @mathewkumar – Mathew Kumar, often intriguing perspectives, games as counterculture.
  • @CorySchmitz – Cory Schmitz, design and art.
  • @ScottBeale – Scott Beale, design, weird things.