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presskit() 2.0

presskit() has finally gotten a major update. This update not only brings a revamped, prettier style with better management of your assets, it also enables a few new tags to be used in your game’s data.xml files.

  • The <press-can-request-copy> tag, which can be set to either “true” or “false”.
  • The <monetization-permission> tag, which can be set to “false” for no permission, “ask” for case-by-case permission through e-mail, “non-commercial” to not allow for monetization and “monetize” for full consent for monetized YouTube videos.
  • The awards and quotes sections now do not show up on game pages if no awards or quotes have been listed. On company hub pages, the old behaviour remains.

Installing presskit() 2.0 is simple. Just run install.php in the root of your installation – you don’t have to download a new one if you still have the old one, and it will update automatically. If you lost the original install.php file, just download it anew from The update is fully backwards compatible with your existing files, although any manual modifications you might’ve made to the core files will obviously be lost. This update would not have been possible without the tremendous help of the folks at the github repository, which have tirelessly dedicated their effort to making presskit() better. Also once again thanks to Phil Tibitoski for being the test-case for the update, Chris O’Shea for pushing me enough to make me feel bad I hadn’t updated in a long time and everybody that gave me time and space to work on presskit() over the past year and a half. I’ll be focusing on presskit() updates for a while, and version 2.1 will update some problems with the mailing system the system currently employs and fix feedback on this 2.0 launch. 2.1 will also allow the system to be set for auto-updating, so that updates will be applied automatically. As always, feel free to contact me with suggestions, feedback or problems on Twitter or through Whether you’re press, video content creator or developer, please spread this announcement to let as many people know of both presskit() and these updates. Hopefully it’ll make everybody’s life easier. Thanks so much. Make games.